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The best 50 Education games daily generated by our specialised A.I. comparing over 33000 video games across all platforms for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), Win Mobile, PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

This is not a "all time best Education games list". There is no hard limit on the age of a game but our results are mainly games released in the last 2 to 3 years.

The latest addition in this selection is Color by Numbers - Flowers released the 26 May 2017

1# Zoombinis - 2015


The small blue creatures, each with distinct personalities and appearances, are escaping imprisonment by the evil Bloats who have taken over the Zoombinis' home. Use logic, analyze data, spot patterns and hone problem solving skills. Twelve perilous puzzles each with 4 levels of increasing difficulty, a great story, and many fun and memorable characters make for an engaging and challenging experience.

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2# My Town: Stores - 2016


Similar to a real life doll house, our games develop imagination in a safe, ad free environment. - All you favourite family members and new grownup characters - 87 fashionable clothing are waiting for you at the store. - A candy store where you can make popcorns, dip your fondu stick or pick some chewing gum!

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3# Dr. Panda School - 2016


Create and tell your very own stories through exploring and roleplaying with the school, students and any objects you discover along the way! Make clay sculptures in the art class, grow your own crops in the playground, take care of Hambo the hamster or teach math in the classroom - there are tons of ways to play! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us on Facebook (facebook.com/drpandagames) or Twitter (twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram (instagram.com/drpandagames).

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5# The Counting Kingdom - 2014


Get your spellbook ready! It’s time to protect The Counting Kingdom in this tactical math puzzler featuring strategic tower defense gameplay and a colorful cast of characters. Banish monsters and save the day!

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7# InMind VR - 2015


InMind is a short scientific adventure with arcade elements designed for the Oculus VR. Submerge into the microworld and experience the miracles of the human mind.

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8# Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game - 2014


The first and only official Rube Goldberg puzzle game. Solve everyday problems in Rube’s trademark elaborate style by creating complex and hilarious machines.Is pouring a glass of juice just too straightforward and boring? Try using a jack-in-the-box, magnifying glass, string and a cymbal-wielding friend to achieve your goal.

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9# Color by Numbers - Flowers - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Color by Numbers - Flowers
Screenshot of the video game Color by Numbers - Flowers
Screenshot of the video game Color by Numbers - Flowers
Screenshot of the video game Color by Numbers - Flowers

Beautiful flowers make them feel the joys of spring, and the painting process turns into an enthralling game where they can bring their fantasies to life and draw a red daffodil, or a blue sunflower. The simple coloring mode is suitable for the smallest of children, including those of kindergarten and preschool age. Here the picture is divided into a large number of elements, thus making it difficult at first to determine what it depicts.

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10# Dr. Panda's Swimming Pool - 2015


**"Endless possibilities through free play" by Smart Apps for Kids **Awarded with an Editor's Choice Award by Children's Technology Review! Play dress up in the locker room, have a snack by the poolside, take a trip down a water slide or dive off the side off a pirate ship in search of hidden treasure! If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us on Facebook (facebook.com/drpandagames) or Twitter (twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram instagram.com/drpandagames.

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11# Doodle Devil - 2016


The same addictive, puzzle game play that made Doodle God a hit is back but with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch as the world crumbles at your fingertips as you create thousands of dastardly deeds. - Available in 13 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and Polish.

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15# LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise - 2017

Screenshot of the video game LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise
Screenshot of the video game LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise
Screenshot of the video game LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

Create & Cruise provides plenty of inspiration for real-life LEGO builds and imaginative play scenarios you can talk to your child about like why the pretty princess is driving a police car that has legs instead of wheels. *Bright, fun and friendly animations and soundtrack *Intuitive icons and navigation for easy gameplay no reading or writing skills required *Virtual building with LEGO bricks *No third-party advertising *No links to websites LEGO Juniors sets contain quick start elements and numbered pre-packed bags that can be built without help from Mum or Dad which makes any small builder extra proud.

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17# Toca Kitchen - 2017


Toca Kitchen lets you cook and play with food for four hungry characters. As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids.

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19# Dr. Panda's Ice Cream Truck - 2015


You can make scoops big or small and pile them as high as you wantusing any of the ice cream youve created! Use chocolate syrup, cookies, candies and decorations to make your ice cream as good to look at as it is to eat. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us on Facebook (facebook.com/drpandagames) or Twitter (twitter.com/drpandagames) or Instagram instagram.com/drpandagames.

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20# Barnyard Games For Kids - 2012


Colorful graphics, animal sound effects, helpful voice narrating, and lots of fun! Games: - Tap Farm: Fun animal sounds and animations - Shapes and Colors: Learn shapes and colors with helpful voice narration - Alphabet Bounce: Teach your kids the alphabet with colorful bouncing balls - Animal Puzzles: Drag and drop animals to construct puzzles - Balloon Burst: Great for hand eye coordination and keeping kids entertained - Animal Find: Help kids identify animals and their sounds - Counting Jumble: Help with counting to 10 - Animal Memory: Improve memory in this matching game for children - Fruit Slingshot: Just plain fun for toddlers and kids - Shadow Matching, improve critical thinking by identifying a shadow and outline - Toy Box Numbers, help with numbers and counting while putting toys away - Alphabet and Number Bingo, helpful voices call out numbers and letters to identify Perfect for kids, children, and toddlers who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play.

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22# Doodle God - 2016


But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague Dont worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Now available in 13 languages: English, Dutch, French, Spain, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish & German.

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23# Second Grade Learning Games - 2013


All lessons and activities are designed using real second grade curriculums, so you can be sure these games will help give your child a boost in the classroom. The games include dozens of important lessons, including: Odd/Even Numbers - Learn the difference between odd and even Greater and Less Than - Teaches kids how to compare numbers Place Values (Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands) - Reinforces how to identify place values Alphabetical Order - Sort words correctly in a fun game Spelling - Spell hundreds of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 letter words Telling Time - Learn how to set a clock and tell time Multiplication - Fun and interactive way for your 2nd Grade student learn how to multiply numbers Positive/Negative Numbers - Learn how numbers can be less than zero Verbs, Nouns, and Adjectives - Teach your child the different types of words and how to identify them Punctuation - Drag punctuation to the correct place in a sentence Counting Money - Count money uses nickles, dimes, quarters, and bills Synonyms and Antonyms - Fun game to learn what synonyms and antonyms are Perfect for kids and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play.

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24# Honeycomb Hotel ULTRA - 2013

Screenshot of the video game Honeycomb Hotel ULTRA

Honeycomb Hotel is a game of logic and deduction. The goal of each puzzle is to determine the placements of images within the honeycomb (up to 37 different cells on the large puzzles) and to determine the exact path that runs through each cell of the honeycomb.

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25# Mind Games Pro - 2014


Mind Games Pro is the unlimited, ad-free edition, of the hit brain training app. It is a great collection of games based, in part, on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skills. Math Star - Practice your basic arithmetic skills, speed, and attention to detail.

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