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The latest addition in this selection is Just Dance 2018 released the 24 October 2017, ranked #7

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Amplitude features over 30 songs composed for an optimal beatmatching experience by Harmonix with contributions from Freezepop, Danny B, Jim Guthrie, and more. Many of the developers from the original game worked on the reboot.

1# Guitar Hero - 2015


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Price: Free

2# Guitar Hero Live - 2015


Guitar Hero® Live is here. FreeStyleGames has reinvented the legendary Guitar Hero franchise, with two innovative new gameplay modes and an all-new guitar controller. GH Live mode puts you onstage, looking out: you get a heart-stopping first-person perspective as a real crowd reacts to the notes you play. Or switch over to GHTV – the world’s first playable music video network, where you can play along in real time, discover new music, and challenge friends around the world.

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Price: Free

3# Rock Band 4 - 2015


Rock Band 4 requires the use of music gaming controllers or a USB microphone. If you have Xbox 360 wireless music gaming controllers then you MUST purchase the Rock Band 4 Legacy Game Controller Adapter for Xbox One (sold separately, while supplies last) in order to use them with this download. The most recent offering from acclaimed music game developer, Harmonix Music Systems, Rock Band 4 allows you to add your personal touch to every performance through innovative features that reward player expression, whether you are playing by yourself or with your band.With Rock Band 4, players get access to the incredibly deep music library, featuring over 1500 great songs.

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Price: Free

4# Thumper - 2017


Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront your nemesis: a maniacal giant head. Scream down the endless track and crash through punishing obstacles with simple, airtight controls. Hurtle forward, master new moves, reach overwhelming velocities, and survive epic boss battles. Every crushing impact is interwoven with a pounding original soundtrack. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must conquer rhythm hell.

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Price: $15-$25

5# Rhythm Heaven Megamix - 2016


This must be the Rhythm Heaven™ Megamix. As you dig into each hilariously random activity, you'll get pulled into the world of Rhythm Heaven by the riveting soundtrack, created with help from legendary music producer, Tsunku♂.

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6# Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut - 2016


New version of cult game with new levels and exclusive Steam online multiplayer! Frederic Chopin – a long time deceased classical compositor – returns back from beyond the grave to fight intense musical duels.

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Price: $5-$15

7# Just Dance 2018 - 2017


From the hottest hits to family favorites, dance to 40 new tracks, including: Shape of You - Ed Sheeran Despacito - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee 24K Magic - Bruno Mars John Wayne - Lady Gaga Waka Waka - Shakira Naughty Girl - Beyonc Rockabye - Clean Bandit Ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie ...and many more! Experience Just Dance like never before with a brand new interface, a progress tracking and Daily Quests to get exclusive rewards. Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).

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Price > $40

8# Santa Rockstar - 2016


SAVE CHRISTMAS WITH THE POWER OF ROCK! Santa needs your help! Take your guitar and rock all around the world, delivering presents in the Merry Christmas Stage Sled with the help of the Reindeer Band. Test your skills in this amazing music game, with incredible rock versions of the best known Christmas Carols.

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Price: $5-$15

9# Patapon Remastered - 2017


For years the Patapon tribe has lived in the desolate frontier, driven from their home by the evil Zigoton army. Behind the Patapons' cute exterior, lies a fierce warrior spirit that can only be commanded by the beat of their Gods war drum. Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).

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Price: $5-$15

10# Fantasia: Music Evolved - 2014


The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. Players will control music from some of the world's biggest acts, from over 25 leading artists including chart-topper Bruno Mars, rock royalty Queen and electronic DJ and producer AVICII.

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11# Micron - 2014


Micron is a unique fusion of puzzle and rhythm gameplay. Place pieces on the board to deflect bullets of energy that fire to the beat. Guide the bullets to the exit through 51 challenging levels — and 12 bonus levels — featuring a variety of distinctive soundscapes. Your solutions create the music.

Micron similarities with Amplitude


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Price: $5-$15

13# PaRappa the Rapper Remastered - 2017


Relive the original music game and join PaRappa on his quest to win the heart of Sunny Funny and learn from favorite rap masters like - Chop Chop Master Onion, Instructor Mooselini, and Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken. Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service & playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy). PaRappa the Rapper is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC

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Price: $5-$15

15# Wave Trip - 2013


Wave Trip is a musical arcade game. Since every object in Wave Trip has musical characteristics, creating a level is just like writing a piece of music - just easier (and with more cubist sheep).

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Price < $5

17# KickBeat - 2014


From indie pioneers Zen Studios (makers of Pinball FX2 and CastleStorm) comes KickBeat, an innovative rhythm game with a Kung Fu theme, featuring fully 3D characters and high-energy music! You can use your own music to create custom KickBeat tracks, allowing you ultimate replayability!

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Price: $5-$15

18# RetroGrade - 2013


After losing contact with his explorer friend Virgi, our fearless alien hero Spidy heads to Earth in his spacecraft to find her. While entering the Earth’s atmosphere, his spacecraft suddenly fails and starts to break up, causing Spidy to crash-land on the strange planet, with his craft scattered across forests, throughout ponds and in...

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Price: $5-$15

19# PixelJunk 4am - 2012


From the crazy, ambient, mellow world which only exists within the mind of renowned artist and musician Baiyon, PixelJunk™ 4am reflects a huge departure from previous PixelJunk™ titles by putting the power of creation directly into your fingertips. Mix tracks, experiment with audio effects, and stream live to your friends over the PlayStation®Network by using 4am’s unique Virtual Audio Canvas to control your composition with the PlayStation®Move’s full range of motion. PixelJunk™ 4am, Q-Games’ first Move title, gives you the power to make breathtaking music and visuals and perform live to the world. This is the PlayStation Move killer app you’ve been waiting for.

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20# Just Dance Kids 2 - 2011

Screenshot of the video game Just Dance Kids 2
Screenshot of the video game Just Dance Kids 2
Screenshot of the video game Just Dance Kids 2

Just Dance Kids 2 on Wii™ is back with 40 fun and crazy dance routines designed especially for kids, featuring the songs they love! Plus, Just Dance Kids 2 includes mixes of classic kids songs like "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "The Hokey Pokey" for younger kids to enjoy.

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22# DJ Hero 2 - 2010


The follow up to the award-winning, number one new video game IP of 2009, DJ Hero® 2 transforms living rooms into nightclubs all over again with an entirely new music gaming experience. Friends and families can become mix masters and singing sensations, experiencing hit music like they’ve never heard it before. With a host of new DJ and vocal multiplayer modes, including innovative DJ Battles, and 80+ mixes featuring the biggest dance, pop and hip-hop hits, DJ Hero® 2 delivers the new standard in music and rhythm gaming.

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23# Nintendo DSi Metronome - 2010

Screenshot of the video game Nintendo DSi Metronome
Screenshot of the video game Nintendo DSi Metronome

The Nintendo DSi Metronome software can be used to help keep tempo—when playing an instrument, for example. It creates a rhythm by playing sounds based on beat and tempo settings, which both allow a wide range of possible adjustments.

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24# DJ Hero - 2009


Features PARTY WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Jump into multiplayer 2-DJ or DJ and Guitar Modes Switch on autoplay and let the game DJ be your party UNPRECEDENTED MUSIC VARIETY: Scratch, mix and sample 102 individual songs, highlighted in 93 exclusive new mixes that blend genres of music, including hip-hop, dance, pop, and rock. RULE THE HOTTEST PARTIES: Where Guitar Hero brought gamers into the world of rock ‘n’ roll, DJ Hero brings you into the hottest scenes around.

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25# The Beatles: Rock Band - 2009


Experience The Beatles™ music and legacy like never before, utilizing the core Rock Band™ game play. Follow the legendary career of The Beatles™ from Liverpool to Shea Stadium to Abbey Road. Play drums, lead guitar, and bass guitar and sing three-part harmony with up to three microphones. Feel what it’s like to perform The Beatles’ classic songs, on stage and in the studio.

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