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The latest addition in this selection is Chess released the 12 September 2017

Logo of the video game Chess Ultra

Explore an array of intricately crafted environments and choose from a selection of iconic chess sets designed with both the modern and traditional chess player in mind. Whether youre a beginner or a veteran of the great game, Chess Ultra has something to offer for players of all ages and ability. - Stunning chess sets and beautiful environments - 10 Grandmaster-approved AI levels - Intuitive, overhauled local and online multiplayer with ELO ranking system - Comprehensive time controls, including Classical, Blitz and Marathon, available online - Spectate and compete in Official Ripstone tournaments - Demonstrate your skills in over 80 chess puzzles - Re-write the past by winning the biggest historic matches - In-depth tutorials to help improve your game

3# Chesh - 2015


Chesh is a game of skill, strategy, luck, and above all else randomness. [Chesh] is surrendering your expertise, flying blind in a familiar territory. Zack Kotzer, Killscreen Chesh makes Chess look like Checkers Raigan Burns, co-creator of N++ "i really like chesh" Michael Brough, creator of 868-HACK

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4# Really Bad Chess - 2016


The free version of Really Bad Chess lets you compete vs. an AI in Ranked, Daily, or Weekly Challenges. A single in-app purchase removesads, displays captured pieces, and adds soothing alternate color-palettes to choose from. Chess is one of those games I always wished I enjoyed, but its commitment to beauty, elegance, and perfect balance always turned me away.

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6# Chess - 2017


▻ Do you want to learn or improve at chess? ▻ Do you want to master the most prestigious, the classiest game ever, while having fun? The "Chess + " app guaranteed to improve your chess, and you will not have to read any boring lesson! "Chess +" supports both 1 player and 2 player gameplay, so you can play against friends or test your skills against a challenging computer opponent.

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7# Simply Chess - 2015


The classic board game comes to Steam with asynchronous online play and 100 levels of AI. If you are a chess enthusiast or someone who just likes to play a game now and again, this is what you've been looking for. This is Simply Chess.

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8# Fox & Flock - 2015


There is a Fox in the ballroom! Or so the whispers from the other ballroom dancers suggest. Can the Flock trap the Fox before it is too late? Or will the Fox systematically eat all the other dancers before they even realize he is in their midst?

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9# Chess Free - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Chess Free
Screenshot of the video game Chess Free
Screenshot of the video game Chess Free

This powerful option shows a recommended piece to move, excellent for developing chess strategy and avoiding simple mistakes. Uses your Google+ account -- Provides ELO Rating based on your results against CPU in Pro Mode.

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10# Pure Chess - 2016


Game Details Download Pure Chessto experience chess the way it's meant to be played, in stunning high definition. Pure Chessis a game that can be played by everyone, at any age, but mastered by only a few. Pure Chess is a trademark of Ripstone Ltd. All rights reserved.

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11# WeaponizedChess - 2016


WeaponizedChess is chess in three dimensions with weapons and stealth. Weapons can be used to fight. Game pieces are not always visible to the opponent. The game can be modified in many ways.

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12# AoF Chess Club 2.0 - 2015

Screenshot of the video game AoF Chess Club 2.0
Screenshot of the video game AoF Chess Club 2.0
Screenshot of the video game AoF Chess Club 2.0

AoF Chess Club is a multiplayer online chess game and community exclusive to steam members. A one time fee provides an access key which grants one player a life time membership to the game and community. AoF Chess Club can be played through any web browser.

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13# Battle Chess: Game of Kings - 2015

Screenshot of the video game Battle Chess: Game of Kings
Screenshot of the video game Battle Chess: Game of Kings
Screenshot of the video game Battle Chess: Game of Kings

It took 2,000 years for someone to make chess better! The most challenging game on earth comes to life in Battle Chess. An entire medieval world at war is reflected on the checkered field. Everyone who's ever had a knight take a pawn has seen that capture as more than one piece replacing another on the board.

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14# Chess By Post - 2013


Pin the app to your home screen and push notifications will let you know when you have moves waiting! Customize the board color to be wood, green, blue, red or gray. Create a local hand-off game and play your friend by passing the phone back and forth.

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15# Fritz Chess 14 - 2014

Screenshot of the video game Fritz Chess 14
Screenshot of the video game Fritz Chess 14
Screenshot of the video game Fritz Chess 14

FRITZ CHESS 14! The Ultimate Chess SoftwarePlay against FRITZ or play online at playchess.comFRITZ CHESS 14 is the most comprehensive chess program in the world. Whether you are new to the game or a Grandmaster, FRITZ 14 is suitable for all skill levels!

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16# Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition - 2012


"Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition" is a stunning celebration of the greatest strategy game of all time. The Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition iincludes a variety of beautifully crafted, exclusive Chess Sets and Chess Pieces, from the antique to the modern day. There’s a chess set and setting to suit everyone’s style. Features: 9 chess sets created with stunning detail and precision 6 locations beautifully portrayed Comprehensive tutorial that teaches you basic, intermediate, and advanced chess techniques Track your ELO and Tournament ratings in the ranking boards

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18# Check vs Mate - 2012


Commanders, assemble your armies! CHECK vs. MATE calls for an interactive feather duster, chartering the successful chess game principle into the present day multimedia world. Animated fantasy figurines assemble in magical worlds and await your command!

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19# E.G. Chess - 2010


Play online with Game Center, Bluetooth or locally against your friends, family and other chess enthusiasts. Features include: - 3D board and pieces with the ability to rotate to any view - Game Center achievements, leaderboard, matchmaking and voice chat - Play against a computer opponent - 2 player local mode - Play online or over Bluetooth versus your friends - Official FIDE (Elo) rating system - iPad support - Retina display support - 4 different 3D environments - Undo - Online leaderboard - Lobby notifications notify you when your game is joined or a move is made - Multiplayer chat - 2D button to lock the screen in 2D mode - 2D piece set option for 2D mode - 3D lock view button - Optional auto rotate that saves each player's viewing angle and returns to it after each move (perfect for the iPad) - Online games can be played at any pace and your opponent does not need to be online to play - Save and load previous games - Load a saved game and play it with a friend via Bluetooth - PGN export and load - Varying computer opponent difficulty - FICS (freechess.

E.G. Chess similarities with Chess Ultra

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20# Chess Challenge! - 2010


Perfect your chess skills by playing against the computer in multiple difficulty modes or by using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection to start climbing the worldwide rankings. If you don’t have time to play your friends in a live chess game, Chess Challenge!

Chess Challenge! similarities with Chess Ultra

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21# Silver Star Chess - 2009


If beginners can enjoy the feature level 5, Silver Star Chess exert considerable strength. At the same time I expected to admire good move, the computer pointed to a painful facial expression changes to a hand.

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22# Chessmaster LIVE - 2008


Single Player, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 1-2, Local Multiplayer 1-2, HD -LRB- High Definition -RRB- . Chessmaster Live is the Xbox Live version of the reference chess franchise . It features multiplayer and solo modes . There are no refunds for this item . For more information, see xbox.com / live / accounts .

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23# Combat Chess - 1997

Screenshot of the video game Combat Chess
Screenshot of the video game Combat Chess
Screenshot of the video game Combat Chess

Beautifully done in rendered 3D graphics, Combat Chess adds stunning animation sequences during gameplay. Combat Chess is written to Grand Master standards and supports play against human opponents.

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