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This suggestion collection includes golf games for Android, IOS (iPhone / iPad), PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux and 3DS. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

The latest addition in this selection is Everybody's Golf released the 29 August 2017

3# Mini Golf Mundo - 2016


Mini Golf Mundo is a fun casual game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. Your task is to Putt the ball to victory across 4 challenging courses with a total of 72 holes to complete. You can choose to play alone or invite friends and family to partake in a 4-player turn-based tournament.

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5# Footy Golf - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Footy Golf
Screenshot of the video game Footy Golf
Screenshot of the video game Footy Golf

Using your foot instead of a club, AIM and FREE KICK the ball through playful courses filled with lamp posts, trash cans, bouncy springs, fences and more. Bonus items such as COINS and hidden DIAMONDS can be collected and used to unlock new characters and additional balls. - 100 Courses divided into 5 themes - 60 Unique characters to collect - Unlockable balls with different characteristics - Varying themes: Suburbs, Cave, Factory, Desert, Winter - Game Center support

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6# EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR - 2015

Screenshot of the video game EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR
Screenshot of the video game EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR
Screenshot of the video game EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR
Screenshot of the video game EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR

Golf without limits in EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR. Usher in the next generation of golf with the power of the Frostbite 3 engine and play the most beautiful sports game to date with no load times, enabling you to explore authentic tournament courses or unique fantasy environments, opening up your golf experience like never before. Don’t just play the course, explore it!

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7# Pro Feel Golf - 2015


PRO FEEL GOLF brings a fresh approach with unique and innovative controls that allow ease of use but with depth to grow your game. Invite players to one on one challenges and compete for Daily rewards in a world-wide championship. Wind, lie and strategy all create the experience of a real golf course.

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10# Fantasy Fairways - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Fantasy Fairways
Screenshot of the video game Fantasy Fairways
Screenshot of the video game Fantasy Fairways

Early Access

What if you had to get a hole-in-one on every hole? Fantasy Fairways is a golf game where you design your own path to the hole. Bounce the ball off trampolines, zoom through different power ups, even take it through wormholes -- several gizmos let you express yourself. The game is all about balancing your own creativity and skill.

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11# Infinite Mini Golf - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Infinite Mini Golf
Screenshot of the video game Infinite Mini Golf
Screenshot of the video game Infinite Mini Golf

Explore thousands of holes created by the community, set new world records, participate in multiplayer competitions, customize your character with unlockable clothes and accessories or create your own courses – the possibilities are endless in Infinite Mini Golf.

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12# Mini Golf Buddies - 2016


Mini Golf Buddies is a 3D mini golf simulator for all ages. Swing your way through a huge collection of challenging levels. In this physics-based sport game your goal is to putt the ball in the hole within the time limit while solving tricky puzzles, collecting coins and having fun. Prepare to test your golfing skills! Privacy Policy:

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14# Microgolf Masters - 2016


*** NEW: 500 courses; each more fun and delirious than the last **** Play TODAY on the latest version, and get a free daily bonus Microgolf Masters features: - Simple and friendly game with your FRIENDS - Amusing and tactical - Real-time multiplayer - Solo challenge - TOURNAMENT with up to 8 players - Depth and high replayability - 600 different courses Microgolf Masters is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as reloading your coins will require payment.

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15# Battle Golf - 2015


The first rule of Battle Golf is that you do not talk about Battle Golf The Second rule of Battle Golf is please share Battle Golf on Twitter Play Golf against the clock or against a friend, head shots are encouraged.

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20# Golf Clash - 2017


If you get tired of destroying your opponents on the putting green, hop on over to the 100% free single player map and take on the 80 plus holes. With four types of levels: Hole N One, Teleport, Moving Parts, and Challenge Mode, youll be earning 3 STARS for hours! - Dozens of single player holes - Earn Free Coins with unlimited mini games - Crazy Obstacles including gaps, loops, teleports, and much more!

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23# OK Golf - 2017


Play a quick round anywhere, anytime on 8 stylish dioramas inspired by classic golfing destinations. Enjoy a moment of zen while you play a round of golf immersed in the calming sounds of nature. Compete online with Game Center or on the same device, or simply rise to the top of the leaderboards.

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24# The Golf Club 2 - 2017


Rise to fame and fortune in the largest, most dynamic golf game ever created. Assemble and join online Societies with friends, compete in tournaments, and earn money to climb the ranks in golf’s largest gaming community. The Golf Club 2 offers a dynamic, single-player Career mode, infinite hours of interactive golfing with online opponents, a new and improved course creator, cutting-edge swing mechanics, and a host of brand new, lush environments - all blending together seamlessly to create your dream golfing experience.

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25# Super Stickman Golf 2 - 2013


With 30 dynamic mini golf courses, new power-ups, customizable characters, 70 achievements and two different multiplayer modes, Super Stickman Golf 2 will keep you on the fairway for a long time! * iCloud Support * Leaderboards * Universal App * 2 Multiplayer Modes * 250 Challenging Holes * 71 Achievements * 34 Hats * 14 Golfers * NEW Powerups * Dynamic Courses * Local Multiplayer Support Over Bluetooth

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