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The latest addition in this selection is Chicku released the 5 May 2016

Logo of the video game Smash Controller

This application is intended for use by consumers who own the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U game and want to expand their controller options by using a Nintendo 3DS family system as a controller—even without owning the handheld version of the game. Simply purchase and download the Smash Controller application from the Nintendo eShop to your Nintendo 3DS system and get ready for battle!

1# Sportsfriends - 2014


Sportsfriends is a compendium of award-winning local multiplayer games. Featuring: retro-styled fighting in BaraBariBall, QWOP-like pole dueling in Super Pole Riders, high-velocity passing in Hokra, and, on Mac and Linux, face-to-face sparring in Johann Sebastian Joust.

Sportsfriends similarities with Smash Controller

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2# Chicku - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Chicku
Screenshot of the video game Chicku
Screenshot of the video game Chicku

Chicku is a nail bitingly hard platformer in which the player has to escape the evil Barrington farm. You'll be forced to dodge saws, spikes and many other deadly traps in order to save your brethren and rise against the evil Dr. Barrington.

Chicku similarities with Smash Controller

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3# Beatsplosion for Kinect - 2015

Screenshot of the video game Beatsplosion for Kinect
Screenshot of the video game Beatsplosion for Kinect
Screenshot of the video game Beatsplosion for Kinect

Step through Kinect into the crazy world of subatomic particles. Move to the beat of the music, punch your way through quarks and neutrinos, and smash everything into smithereens!Daily use may result in getting seriously fit!Earn higher skill belts to unlock new levels that challenge your rhythm and coordination. Get your sweat on as the tempo increases, and pit yourself against the epic black belt challenge at a blazing speed of 200 bpm!Get up and make stuff 'splode!

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5# Putter King Adventure Golf - 2011


"Putter King does a great job of capturing the spirit of miniature golf, bringing back memories of playing this as a child against my father. " Use your creativity and imagination to rack up the hole-in-ones as youradventure takes you everywherefrom the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids of Egypt to Mt.

Putter King Adventure Golf similarities with Smash Controller

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7# Meteos Wars - 2008


-LRB- Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB -RRB- Take a ride through this intergalactic journey where you slide, stack and ignite your blocks to blast away the world-ending Meteos ! There are no refunds for this item . For more information, see xbox.com / live / accounts .

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