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The latest addition in this selection is Tiny Pig released the 9 June 2017

Logo of the video game Story of Seasons

Extensive character and farm customization
After creating unique farmers based on each player’s preference of gender, hair style and facial features, the real work begins as players tend to crops, animals and anything else required to earn a living in order to gather the resources to start customizing and expanding their farms. A heart-throbbing romance heats up the peaceful farm life
A variety of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes live in the town for players to woo, with the hope of growing close and possibly even getting married and raising a family together.

2# Paradise Bay - 2015


Join Keani, Skippy, and the rest of our quirky crew as you create a thriving seaport and restore Paradise Bay to its former glory! Create and customize your perfect paradise Explore and expand your island to unlock its secrets Collect long-lost map pieces to discover new areas of the world Discover and nurture the islands animals Harvest raw resources and craft valuable goods Trade with islanders, merchant ships, and friends Buy and sell valuables in the bustling marketplace Dive deep and uncover treasures lost at sea Tap the settings icon located in the upper left corner of the screen and send us a message!

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3# Tiny Cow - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Tiny Cow
Screenshot of the video game Tiny Cow
Screenshot of the video game Tiny Cow

With a cloning machine and some healthy cows at your lush farm you have hatched the perfect plan to grow rich by serving the word a vast variety of exotic cheese. SUPER CASUAL GAMEPLAY Tap to clone cows and watch your farm grow as you keep stacking cash! KEEP GROWING Dozens of upgrades to mark your progress, including cow houses, transport vehicles and quirky science researches

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4# Farming Simulator 16 - 2015


Manage your own farm and drive massive machines in an open world! Take direct control of harvesters and tractors, or hire AI helps and manage your growing farm from the full screen management map. The game features massive tractors and other machines from over 20 brands of agricultural manufacturers, including New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, Krone, Amazone, MAN and more.

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5# Country Friends - 2015


Pack your bags, because the countrys the perfect place to cast off your Big City Blues and relax where the suns always shining and the grass is always greener! Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailers on Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.

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6# Puzzle Craft 2 - 2015


Farm crops, excavate mines, scour the seas and transform emerging settlements into bustling towns for your workers. match tiles, collect valuable resources, craft tools and build up your towns. Puzzle Craft 2 features: Rule over an entire empire in the ultimate puzzle adventure sequel Match tiles to farm, mine, scavenge, craft and build settlements into bustling cities for your workers Explore the seas in search of resources and lost treasures Over 40 puzzles to unlock and discover new resources waiting to be crafted into useful tools Hundreds of quests, challenges, treasures, trophies and more to find and complete Rank your empire with your friends and compete in Royal Quests via Facebook

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7# Tiny Pig - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Tiny Pig
Screenshot of the video game Tiny Pig
Screenshot of the video game Tiny Pig

Tons of Hogs and barns in your town with a PET DOG to keep them company, silly eagles to hunt and carrier storks to steal from with amazing 3D visuals and captivating scenery. Lots of bonuses with every prestige, will keep you coming back for more, fulfil your consumers appetite for sausages to be the biggest Capitalist of this era. Lay back and enjoy your story to world rescue in this idle clicker game with an amazing & addictive game-play.

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9# FarmVille 2: Country Escape - 2014


- CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies - HARVEST farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables - CUSTOMIZE your own farm for charming country living - COLLECT hidden and rare items as you discover a new coastal farm - NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable animals like your very own farm dog - EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures - BUILD a lush family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit - FISH with your fellow farmers and sell your catch at Pikes Landing - GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers and fresh produce - TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with people from all over the world - ESCAPE to the coast and then connect to your Facebook farm to send free water - EARN daily rewards with the Mystery and take a spin at the Prize Wheel" zynga.

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10# Farming USA 2 - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Farming USA 2
Screenshot of the video game Farming USA 2
Screenshot of the video game Farming USA 2

- Cattle can be raised by pasture (where you can breed your own cows with bulls) or feedlot (for faster growth). Features include: - Hire workers to help to increase productivity time - Unlock and expand your fields to make more crops - Control realistic tractors while you tend your land - Log trees for quick cash - Weather impacts fields - Full controller support - Realistic day/night cycle - Control your settings to increase/decrease crop and animal speeds to fit your playing style - Use tilt or slider steering, whichever you like best - Change your graphic and resolution quality to heighten player experience - Quickly teleport between tractors - Manage fields, equipment and animals with a user-friendly menu

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11# Farming PRO 2016 - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Farming PRO 2016
Screenshot of the video game Farming PRO 2016
Screenshot of the video game Farming PRO 2016

Experience highly realistic and detailed 3D graphics with stunning open world gameplay Own over sixty precisely designed vehicles and tools, including tractors, combine harvesters, trailers, trucks, cultivators, sowing machines and many more Hire AI assistants to help you with your work. Walk or drive around your farm (also enjoy interior view for all vehicles) Plant, spray, grow and harvest corn, canola, wheat, hay, sugar beets and potatoes to sell them on the market at different prices Raise cows, sheep, chickens and pigs and feed them with optimal fodder to guarantee highest productivity Manage your farm with friends thanks to local multiplayer mode

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12# Agricola - 2013


An award-winning board game and player favorite since 2007, Agricola is now available as a universal game application. Features: 4 Game play modes: Family Game; Basic Game; Solo Play; Solo Series 1-5 players Included AI opponents Pass-and-play multiplayer (2-5 players) Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-5 players) Universal game application buy once and play on all your devices Game Center Achievements Selectable Online game clocks Rematch button for online and offline matches Next Game button takes you to your next asynchronous online game Matchmaking Player Rankings Multiple Player Profiles (for households) Select your Family Token art for your profile Game tutorials for interface, game play and strategy Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects Options for Music and SFX, game speed and animation speed, and confirmation pop-ups Game overview, turn log and game event calendar to support asynchronous play Retina support iPhone / iPod 5 screen support Localizations: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese

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13# Family Farm Seaside - Play Harvest & Farming Game - 2013

Screenshot of the video game Family Farm Seaside - Play Harvest & Farming Game
Screenshot of the video game Family Farm Seaside - Play Harvest & Farming Game
Screenshot of the video game Family Farm Seaside - Play Harvest & Farming Game

* FREE to play Farming Game * Played by over 80 million people all around the world * Cute animals * Unlimited barn space * Build your farm at the seaside and on an exotic island * Prepare more than 400+ dishes in the kitchen * Plant, harvest and process over 200+ unique products * More than 150+ achievements to complete * Fulfill daily orders and quests with your farm products * New missions added regularly with fun new features * Compete with other farmers in the new farm beauty contest! * Dig for precious ores and diamonds in the Mine * Adopt pets and watch them explore your farm! * Decorations can now be cleaned while in the warehouse * Guests can visit the farm and interact with your pets!

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15# Hay Day - 2012


Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age.

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17# Tractor Trails - 2012


Guide Red the Tractor around mazy fields,aiming to hit every square to plant as many trees as possible! Red'slack of brakes isn'tthe only problemobstacles such as the spiteful old scarecrow aim to hinder and help in the quest to fill the hundred-plus levels with trees!Puzzle aficionados will need fast fingers and fast thinking to achieve a perfect score,whilst a robust hint system lets more casual players to overcome brain taxing levels. Upgrade your tractorand improve scores using helpful items in the farm shop!Features:Simple touchscreen control!130 levels including enormous ultimate challenge mega-maps!New environmental game features in every level pack!Collect corn to exchange for handy hints and shop upgrades that improve Red's abilities - get a pimped out tractor, finish the fields faster andlots more!

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20# Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming - 2009


It's up to you to solve the mystery of this produce predicament as you try to tame the crops and gather as many vegetables as you can! Enjoy score attack, survival, crop quota, and many other modes!
• Challenge your friends and family over local wireless, even if they don't have the game!

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21# Tiny Sheep


CLICK & CASH Casual & addictive gameplay for players who love to click & make Money UPGRADE & GROW Plan your investments and level up your farm with multiple upgrades UNIQUE VISUALS Flock of Sheep on your farm with a PET DOG to keep them in line, cunning eagles to hunt and carrier storks to steal from with amazing 3D visuals and captivating scenery Winter is coming and the world needs wool - Tap like a tycoon and clone as many tiny sheep as you can to grow and upgrade your farm to make MONEY in this awesome 3D game! Lay back and enjoy your story to world rescue in this idle clicker game with an amazing & addictive game-play.

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