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The latest addition in this selection is A Healer Only Lives Twice released the 25 July 2017

Logo of the video game Sunken

Action RPG meets Roguelike in this atmospheric dungeon crawler. Spawned by two hardcore gamers, Sunken will constantly test your ability to adapt to a situation while it takes you through a dark journey of the one that has sinned.

1# Kingsway - 2017


Kingsway is the #1 operating system for daily tasks such as skeleton smashing and loot-organizing. Trouble sorting through all your potions and swords? Don't worry! Kingsway can help you manage, and with an easy to use interface you'll have time leftover for a peaceful stroll through the underworld.

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2# SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition - 2015


SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition is a humorous and strategic turn-based dungeon crawling ASCII adventure. Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, the game offers a robust action-RPG inspired combat system.

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3# A Healer Only Lives Twice - 2017


All You Need Is Heal! Monsters have cornered you in the dungeon corridors. As a newly hired Priest, your duties are to use your magical abilities to heal your comrade, a Knight on the front-line, and provide support during battle. Will these two brave souls live to see the light of day again?

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6# Infectonator: Survivors - 2016


"Infectonator : Survivors" is a Randomized Permadeath Survival Simulator that combines RTS, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation gameplay. The goal is to lead a group of survivors in a struggle to stay alive and find rescue in a zombie apocalyptic world.

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7# Evolution - 2016


Evolution is a real time simulation of the evolutionary process. Creatures have DNA that defines their structure, traits, how they see the world around them, and how they react to it. Each creature is unique, most die quickly, some die a little slower, and others survive (some just like rocks, they usually die too).

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8# Magicite - 2014


Explore, craft, and survive in this Multiplayer RPG Platformer with permanent death! Featuring many Rogue-like elements, Magicite randomly generates each underground dungeon for you and your friends to delve deep into.

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10# Magician's Apprentice - 2015

Screenshot of the video game Magician's Apprentice
Screenshot of the video game Magician's Apprentice
Screenshot of the video game Magician's Apprentice

Early Access

Craft your own powerful and deadly spells! You are Magician, an apprentice of most powerful wizard brotherhood and the only person who can save the world from mysterious warlock Yendor who claims to be equal with gods!

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12# Wayward - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Wayward
Screenshot of the video game Wayward
Screenshot of the video game Wayward

Early Access

You awake to discover yourself no longer in the company of good men or a fine seafaring vessel. Treasure... you remember something about treasure. Wayward is a turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Explore, build, and most importantly survive in these unforgiving lands.

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13# Tiny Village - 2011


- Play for FREE forever - Free WEEKLY UPDATES: new dinos, new stores, new decorations - Hatch your very own DINOSAUR PETS - Fuse dinosaurs together to discover RARE SPECIES - Get unique shops, decorations that animate in your village - Buy and sell your resources on the active TRADE MARKET - Tip, trade and share gifts with a community with MILLIONS of players - Become a Tiny Village fan on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news about weekly FREE game updates! Awesome game awesome gameplay good and fun graphics easy to play this game rocks.

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14# Shadow of the Colossus - 2005


Experience the wonder and magic of one of the most beloved video games of all time, now available with full HD graphics, 7.1 surround sound, and stereoscopic 3D support. Experience a majestic journey through ancient lands, on a quest to bring a girl back to life. Armed with only a sword, a bow, each Colossus presents a unique challenge to test your wits, determination, and skill.

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15# World of Cubes Survival Craft


Upload your own maps and creations from single player mode to online Multiplayer server to play with others! Our centralized server contains 10+ maps to get your creative adventure started either alone or together with random people or your friends online in Multiplayer mode: Just save any of the above maps locally, modify them in Creative mode and upload into online server for real time Multiplayer gaming.

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16# ICO - 2001


Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, Ico embarks on a quest to save the princess and along the way, discovers his own cryptic fate. Shadow of the Colossus Experience a majestic journey through ancient lands on your quest to bring a girl back to life by defeating sixteen gigantic beasts. On the back of your trusty horse, explore expansive landscapes and seek out each Colossus in its own place of hiding, armed with only your wits, a sword and a bow.

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17# Survival Simulator

Screenshot of the video game Survival Simulator
Screenshot of the video game Survival Simulator
Screenshot of the video game Survival Simulator

Find food, place a camp, build house, defend yourself against attacks of wild animals, improve your weapons and tools. - Hunting for wild animals - Extraction of resources (firewood, stone, ore) - Interaction with objects (fire, oven, anvil, box, sleeping bag) - Variety of tools and weapons - Crafting system - Day Night

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18# PixelTerra


The world of PixelTerra is quite dangerous so you need to build a shelter, find some food supply and get ready to protect yourself from monsters in order to survive at least a couple of days. More than 100 recipes in the craftbook Dungeons with treasures Customized world generation and adaptive difficulty Loot with random properties Day/Night cycle + weather effects Hunting and fishing Animal and crop farming Trading with aborigines

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19# The Gate - 2001


The Gate is a 3D Card Collecting Game with elements of RTS and RPG. Originally available on mobile and via the web, The Gate was brought to Steam with the help of Steam users via Project Greenlight. Now heading into its 2nd year online, The Gate features PvP tournaments, where you can put your Card Collection into battle against other...

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21# Fatal Labyrinth - 1990


Dragonia, the castle of doom, has been resurrected! But the ghouls from the castle have stolen the Holy Goblet, the source of light. Without it, the world will be trapped in darkness forever. Don your armour and pick up your weapon.

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