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The latest addition in this selection is Cubie Adventure released the 1 June 2017, ranked #10

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Eat fruits while being chased by lions. Chew through the vines to make the fruit bounce off your butt and hit those big scary cats in the face.

1# All is Lost - 2016


In the distant future, mankind is scattered across a vast and dangerous universe. The crews of massive space stations live in a constant struggle for survival. - explore a variety of spacecraft as you rescue crew members from certain doom - intuitively control your character and the environment as you navigate a path to safety - experience gorgeous visuals in a variety of cosmic environments - universal app optimized for iPhones, iPads, and iPods - achievements and online leaderboards - GameCenter and iCloud support

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2# Disney Crossy Road - 2016


Tap and swipe your way to a record-setting number of steps with 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles in the 8-bit worlds of Toy Story, Zootopia, The Lion King, The Haunted Mansion, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and more. JOURNEY through 8-bit depictions of Als Toy Barn, the Pride Lands of Africa, the Haunted Mansion, San Fransokyo, and more while enjoying 8-bit versions of familiar tunes like Youve Got a Friend in Me and I Just Cant Wait to be King!

Disney Crossy Road similarities with oh my giraffe

endless100%entertainment80%arcade80%adventure60%pixel graphics40%
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3# Raider Rush - 2015


Help solve the mysteries of the two temple towers and restore world peace. Adventuring will be a breeze with your fabulous purple sneakers, enhancing your running and jumping skills! - Explore over 30 challenging platforming levels - Connect to gamecenter and compete in the endless runner game mode - Try the speedrun challenge, and escape the towers in record time - Collect all the achievements!

Raider Rush similarities with oh my giraffe

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4# 8-BIT WATERSLIDE - 2015


Take control of a screaming coward, TIPLER as he hurtles along this awesome pixel death slide. "If you love retro graphics and have a big sense of humor, then 8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the perfect little gem for you!" "Playing convulsed with laughter can be considered a good gaming experience" - sspai

8-BIT WATERSLIDE similarities with oh my giraffe

pixel graphics80%arcade80%funny70%runner70%combo50%endless50%
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5# Miner Z - 2015


- Simple controls - Fast paced, endless game play - Play as many different characters - Earn awesome boosts - Unlock five challenging achievements - Retro pixel graphics - Game Center Leaderboards to compete with your friends "Miner Z is easily worth picking up for a fun-filled afternoon of digging and zombie routing." Miner Z is made with love by Totebo, a small independent game studio.

Miner Z similarities with oh my giraffe

endless100%action90%funny90%pixel graphics90%arcade80%runner70%
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7# Rooms of Doom: Minion Madness - 2016


Play as Dr. Dooms minions where you will run, jump, slide, fly, swim and barrel blast your way through Dr. Dooms endless rooms! - Unlock and upgrade over 25 minion hybrids, each with unique skills, abilities and rare skins to collect - Evade spiders, piranhas, ghosts, fireballs, alligators and more as you move through THE ROOMS OF DOOOOOOOM!

Rooms of Doom: Minion Madness similarities with oh my giraffe

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8# 1-bit Ninja Remix Rush - 2015


1-bit Ninja is back in an endless procedurally generated race against the clock. Bounce on enemies, jump chasms and collect bits to fight back the ever ticking timer. Featuring a unique blend of 3D and retro handheld inspired visuals along with the 2 button controls and precise platforming of the original, 1-bit Ninja Remix Rush brings you an ever changing challenge on the go.

1-bit Ninja Remix Rush similarities with oh my giraffe

endless100%survival90%entertainment90%runner90%pixel graphics50%action40%arcade40%
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9# Ramboat - 2015


Help Mambo and his crazy troop of heroes to escape from hundreds of enemies, jumping and dodging as quickly as possible on the backs of some of the most picturesque crafts whilst firing immensely powerful weapons. Survive an army of soldiers, paratroopers, rocket launchers and enemy submarines, dodge a hail of bullets while you unload all your artillery on them.

Ramboat similarities with oh my giraffe

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12# Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey - 2015

Screenshot of the video game Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey
Screenshot of the video game Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey
Screenshot of the video game Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey

Because there are hungry creatures out there in the cold expanse, waiting for a warm slice of Earths finest export. ** Features ** Hours of endless gameplay across the expanse of space with precise tilt controls and simple one-touch actions Dozens of unique upgrades. Pie in the Sky is a labor of love from the small, independent team of developers at Salty Croc.

Pie In The Sky: A Pizza Odyssey similarities with oh my giraffe

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13# Spirit Run - Fire vs Ice - 2015


Get ready for the run of a lifetime. In this endless platformer you play an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form. Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice is inspired by games such as the platformer Canabalt and the classic shoot ‘em up Ikaruga.

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16# Crooked Path: Infinity Run - 2016


Embark on a journey through many twists & turns, and across many seasons, but you must act quick to not fall off your Crooked Path. - EXCITING and ADDICTIVE gameplay - Simple ONE TOUCH controls - GameCenter ACHIEVEMENTS - GameCenter Leaderboard - 27 UNLOCKABLE Items - Get daily FREE GIFTS! - Win a PRIZE in our wheel of fortune - SHARE YOUR SCORE with friends!

Crooked Path: Infinity Run similarities with oh my giraffe

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19# Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre - 2016


Burrito Bison is here and hes brought friends!In the latest installment of one of the webs most popular games, Burrito Bison teams up with new friends: Pineapple Spank and El Pollo to bounce, crack, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies! PLEASE NOTE: Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is free to play, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money.

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre similarities with oh my giraffe

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20# Pony Island - 2016


No internet connection required * DESIGN beautiful accessories and castles * MEET cute ponies and their animal friends * DISCOVER beautiful and cute ponies of all sizes and shapes * 2 FREE mini games to enjoy! Make your visitors happy - show them your beautiful ponies and decorated fairytale castle. Populate it with ponies and their friends, and meet all kinds of cute animals that live in the sky kingdom.

Pony Island similarities with oh my giraffe

arcade100%funny80%runner80%pixel graphics70%endless40%
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21# Polyforge - 2016


Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color Forge new shapes by striking all the sides Don't strike the same side twice Simple & Beautiful visuals Atmospheric & Serene sound design Compete for the highest level in the world

Polyforge similarities with oh my giraffe

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22# NinjAwesome - 2016


Use skillful swipes to hurdle perilous traps and snatch mischievous bouncing coins! Rush through the pixellated plants, swiftly slashing wicked enemies, sniping foes with shuriken as you leap! Complete the tests of the ninja - Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Wandering - to satisfy your destiny!

NinjAwesome similarities with oh my giraffe

entertainment100%runner100%arcade100%endless60%pixel graphics50%
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23# Breezy Leaf - 2015


If youre looking for quick fun, Breezy Leaf is a challenging, pixelated, arcade game that will provide you with endless entertainment. Features: Free endless fun Simple challenging design Dazzling colorful graphics 9 Unique Leaf Blowers to unlock Ability to share and compete against your friends If you enjoy the game, I invite you to become a fan and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and kindly leaf a rating.

Breezy Leaf similarities with oh my giraffe

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24# Radical Rappelling - 2015


The creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are back with a brand new game for adrenaline junkies around the world! Pull off death-defying tricks by ricocheting between launch pads, riding rainbows and rocketing over obstacles in the most redonkulous adventure ever. Rack up coins and complete rockin missions to unlock sweet new gear for Rip and Roxy, the most fearless risk-takers on the planet.

Radical Rappelling similarities with oh my giraffe

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25# Mad Aces - 2015


Mad Aces is one of the fastest, toughest and most exhilarating runner to hit the App Store! Fly across the dangerous space, ramming and dodging spiked bricks, discovering new ridiculous characters! With exciting retro-game-inspired mechanics, simple but challenging gameplay, run through the endless level and strive for the best score!

Mad Aces similarities with oh my giraffe

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