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This suggestion collection includes simulation games. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list.

The latest addition in this selection is Idle Empires released the 26 July 2017

Logo of the video game PickCrafter

Mine gems, collect pickaxes and discover treasure filled worlds in PickCrafter! Break blocks and earn picks to craft treasures Unlock and upgrade epic pickaxes Use abilities to boost your strength Heat up and catch on fire!

1# Egg, Inc. - 2016


More experienced incremental (clicker) players will love the emergent gameplay and depth afforded by the different play styles needed throughout the game. To reach the ultimate goal of having a ginormous egg farm with an astronomical value, you will need to balance strategies throughout many prestiges to make best use of your time.

Egg, Inc. similarities with PickCrafter

clicker100%achievements70%pixel graphics70%simulation70%rich40%
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2# Idle Empires - 2017


Conquer five distinct kingdoms, including the hard and militaristic Old Town in the snowy north, and the liberal, rich Capitol in the golden desert. Whether you're bribing priests or building propaganda towers in the villager green, you can bet Norman and his goons will have something inappropriate to say. Idle Empires has everything youd expect from a clicker; tapping, heaps of upgrades, achievements, collectables, mountains of gold *catches breath* and a whole load more.

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3# Office Space: Idle Profits - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Office Space: Idle Profits
Screenshot of the video game Office Space: Idle Profits
Screenshot of the video game Office Space: Idle Profits

Team up with the gang and take down the man in Office Space: Idle Profits! Team up with Peter, Samir, and Michael to install a virus in the company's mainframe that will siphon undetectable pennies out of each department and place it in your own retirement account. Tap furiously to relieve stress and unlock your favorite scenes from the movie

Office Space: Idle Profits similarities with PickCrafter

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8# Bitcoin Billionaire - 2014


When your tapping skills reach a critical point, you can actually rip through the fabric of space and time, jumping to a new era where you'll earn all new upgrades, unlock new achievements, and experience the thrills of bitcoin mining from a whole new perspective. - Upgrade investments to earn bitcoins while offline.

Bitcoin Billionaire similarities with PickCrafter

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10# Crusaders of the Lost Idols - 2015


Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game of heroic awesomeness! Create a band of fighters to fight monsters, earn gold and create strategies for the perfect formations over multiple campaigns! Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Crusaders in regular new events.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols similarities with PickCrafter

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11# Mucho Taco - 2015


Harness the power of the mystical sun tortilla to build your taco empire! Build and manage tasty taco restaurants and upgrade their production and operating hours. With the guidance of Barbacoatl, an enigmatic taco connoisseur, find the ancient map that leads to a secret ritual ground.

Mucho Taco similarities with PickCrafter

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12# Doomsday Clicker - 2016


Youve spent years developing the technology to withstand the total destruction of the earths surface, and Doomsday survivors will have no choice but to turn to YOUtheir rescuer, their benefactor, their SUPREME LEADER! In Doomsday Clicker you can: Collect bonuses when unwanted visitors come knock-knocking at your bunkers door Discover endless quirky surprises! Feel immense satisfaction as numbers tick ever higher Visit THE SUPERCHARGER, a wheel of chance that gives a limited-time productivity boost Destroy the world over and over again to increase profits.

Doomsday Clicker similarities with PickCrafter

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13# Tap Titans 2 - 2016


The battle continues as Sword Master defends the world from an all new, more dangerous army of invading Titans. Power up Sword Master in new ways to overcome the Titan's ever-increasing strength. Features ENJOY the full RPG experience on the go TAP to defeat 120 all-new Titans in 10 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you repel the Titan onslaught UNLOCK unique skills to power up the way YOU choose to play PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful artifacts and talents COLLECT equipments to customize your hero's looks and strengths to suit your playstyle CREATE or join clans to join forces with other players and defeat the almighty Titan Lords COMPETE against other players around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

Tap Titans 2 similarities with PickCrafter

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14# Legendary Warriors - 2015


A unique and mysterious atmosphere with distinctive characters High-quality design and music, made with care Dreamlike gameplay that you can take at your own relaxed pace --One fated night, 100 piercing eyes descended upon all the towns, taking away the light of their flame-- This is the story of how fire was won back. You must make good use of your small band of fighters, pushing forward to bring light to the towns which lie enclosed in endless night.

Legendary Warriors similarities with PickCrafter

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15# 8-Bit Farm - 2017

Screenshot of the video game 8-Bit Farm
Screenshot of the video game 8-Bit Farm
Screenshot of the video game 8-Bit Farm

Start out by getting some livestock, grow flowers, fruit and vegetables, gradually expanding your fields and increasing the number of staff until you're ready to open for agritourism. Receive photos as gifts from happy visitors or for completing achievements, and exchange them at the FarmMart to obtain a wide range of installations for your farm.

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17# Day of the Viking - 2014

Screenshot of the video game Day of the Viking
Screenshot of the video game Day of the Viking
Screenshot of the video game Day of the Viking

A MASSIVE game - 80 Assault missions, 10 Challenge levels, 40 trophies ASTONISHING graphics bring your battle to gorgeous life Use intuitive touch controls to CLASH with the viking CLAN Drive the ANGRY NORDS from your peaceful castle fortress 80 unique levels with varying lighting and weather effects Unlockable/purchasable weapon upgrades and boosts Dozens of different enemies, obstacles and war machines 10 insanely difficult challenges for the fearless Endless Assault Mode: pit your high score against the world 40 Viking trophies to collect Beautiful art and hilarious animation Game Center leaderboards, achievements and more

Day of the Viking similarities with PickCrafter

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18# CivMiner - A CivCrafter Expansion - 2015

Screenshot of the video game CivMiner - A CivCrafter Expansion
Screenshot of the video game CivMiner - A CivCrafter Expansion
Screenshot of the video game CivMiner - A CivCrafter Expansion

Go lone wolf, or work with your Clan to collect them all and earn special bonuses. Defeat boss monsters and harvest their fossils to earn passage to greater depths and darker secrets... And find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featured by everyone from Apple to IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.

CivMiner - A CivCrafter Expansion similarities with PickCrafter

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19# Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! - 2017

Screenshot of the video game Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game!
Screenshot of the video game Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game!
Screenshot of the video game Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game!

Almighty is an incremental tapping game with godly excitement, where you collect artifacts, build structures, and use prayers to cast powerful spells to rule the realm. After an apocalyptic event nearly destroys the realm; an unknown being invades the new world, stripping The Almighty of his mythical artifacts and powerful magic. Obtain special powers from each artifact and progress through the realm of the Gods when you choose your allegiance: Light or Shadow.

Almighty: Fantasy Clicker Game! similarities with PickCrafter

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20# Tap Titans - 2014


In a world overrun by evil Titans, it is up to you to slay them and restore peace and order. Tap to activate devastating skills, tap to unlock powerful auras, tap to summon mysterious artifacts. Features: * HIRE 33 animated heroes to help you along your journey * DEFEAT 60 unique and destructive monsters * EXPLORE 10 beautiful, hand-crafted environments * PRESTIGE to new worlds to collect relics used to buy precious artifacts * SUMMON 30 powerful artifacts to give your heroes special abilities

Tap Titans similarities with PickCrafter

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21# Frontier Defense - 2015


Embark on an epic defense at frontiers to grow ever stronger and defeat your insane enemies. *** All cool features that people ever wanting, Frontier Defense has them all *** - 10 unique defensive towers with endless upgrades!

Frontier Defense similarities with PickCrafter

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22# Tap Tap Infinity - 2015


Tap Tap Infinity is a fully 3D incremental RPG. Hire Heroes to fight for you, even with the game closed! Gain unimaginable DPS, mountains of gold, conquer thousands of levels and millions of monsters on your quest to defeat ‘The Master'.

Tap Tap Infinity similarities with PickCrafter

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23# Idle Armies - 2016

Screenshot of the video game Idle Armies
Screenshot of the video game Idle Armies
Screenshot of the video game Idle Armies

Rank up, level up and upgrade to fight against the never ending stream of skeletons, orcs, goblins and bosses who want to eat you up and then Visit swamps and wastelands, run your own gold mine full of human prisoners. +Pretty retro graphics - travel from grassy forests to stark wastelands, icy planes to dank swamps.

Idle Armies similarities with PickCrafter

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25# Barcode Knight - 2015


'Barcodia', the world is made from magic powers, was peaceful and beautiful, but the power of evil hit the world, the land became empty and useless and started infesting with monsters. Barcodians who livelihoods are under threat was decided to hunt monsters for a living. 60 different types of monsters The growing town with the Knight Powerful enchanted items Avatar system : Possible to create half a million different hero styles Mercenary system : Fight with a mercenary against monsters Forge system : Upgrade and enchant your items at the Forges Quest system : Provides a quest every hour The Random dungeon : Available to use without a barcode The Gate Of The Other World : The direct gate to the monsters' base The Daily dungeon : Find out The Daily dungeon and Get a huge bonus every day

Barcode Knight similarities with PickCrafter

entertainment100%pixel graphics100%simulation100%RPG50%
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